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Samochód ciężarowy oraz auto dostawcze jadące drogą poza obszarem zabudowanym, oba wyposażone w agregaty chłodnicze Thermo King

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What can we do for you today

In addition to the installation and repair of refrigeration equipment, we offer special solutions for temperature control in telematics applications and temperature records.


With us you will obtain the ATP certificate

FRC, FNA, GDP, PHARMA, GDP mapping, leak testing, sensor testing and temperature distribution testing


Remote temperature control solutions provide greater fleet visibility, remote monitoring and proactive control in daily operations, reducing the risk of cargo loss.

Pharma Solutions

Maintaining the quality and integrity of medical and biological products during transport is critical for pharmaceutical manufacturers and suppliers, and most importantly for public health and patient safety.

Service contracts

In addition to standard service and warranty packages, we offer tailor-made contracts covering comprehensive and round-the-clock care of the vehicle fleet.

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Comprehensive solutions for the implementation of a full refrigeration building
of the vehicle, as well as modern telematics solutions.


Designed to meet your expectations for reliable, flexible and economical operation. And it is this innovation that meets our vision of development.

Small truck

Thermo King offers the widest range of automotive refrigeration solutions to meet your fresh and frozen product delivery needs.


All front and bottom mounted models are available in a variety of configurations to suit a wide range of transport applications.


Thermo King accessories are designed to increase fleet efficiency by increasing efficiency, protecting cargo and optimizing fleet management.

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