Naczepa chłodnicza wyposażona w agregat Thermo King zaparkowaną pod halą serwisową

With us you will obtain the ATP certificate

FRC, FNA, GDP, PHARMA, GDP mapping, leak testing, sensor testing and temperature distribution testing

We conduct accredited tests of means of transport adapted to the transport of goods at controlled temperature in accordance with the ATP Convention.

Do you transport perishable food items? Did you know that you are required to have an ATP certificate? Check out the information below:

International trade imposes many stringent restrictions on both suppliers and manufacturers. The regulations for perishable items are particularly restrictive. These regulations regulate, among others, the rules for transporting food, including heat-sensitive vegetables, fruits or deep-frozen food. In order to unify the standards and requirements for the transport of this type of cargo, in Geneva in 1970 the obligation to have a certificate of conformity of the means of transport was introduced. ATP

What is an ATP certificate

It is a document confirming that the truck meets the technical requirements and is approved for the transport of goods in international transport, in particular food products that require transport at a controlled temperature. 

The condition for obtaining the ATP certificate is to submit the vehicle to a technical examination, which includes verification of, among others, thermal and insulating properties of the body and efficiency of refrigeration or heating units, depending on the type of cargo to be carried.

The ATP certificate is valid in most European countries that have signed the ATP Convention and in some countries outside Europe, such as Russia and China.

We conduct tests to obtain the ATP certificate at our service stations in Gdańsk, Bydgoszcz and Olsztyn, as well as at the address indicated by the client. 

Naczepa chłodnicza wyposażona w agregat Thermo King zaparkowaną pod halą serwisową
Agregat chłodniczy Alpha Advancer Thermo King

We also carry out periodic inspections of thermal bodies in order to extend the validity period of the ATP certificate (FRC, FNA). 

If the vehicle meets the requirements set out in the ATP Agreement, you will receive: 

  • laminated ATP certificate
  • ATP nameplate on the front wall
  • stickers with the expiry date of the certificate on both side walls
  • full research protocol

To make an appointment or for more information, please contact the selected service station: