Cold Cube

Reliable solutions for storing and transporting cargo at controlled temperatures.

Easy to use, highly reliable and economical portable refrigerator or freezer devices. An ideal solution for transporting both catering and pharmaceutical supplies in compliance with all standards for the proper distribution of medicines

Via Bluetooth, it allows you to connect with your load wherever it is. This means you can monitor the temperature and condition - without opening the box - all from a computer or mobile device.

Our offer includes a variety of mobile storage units that guarantee safe transport of products, especially those sensitive to changing environmental conditions.

In the food industry, they maintain both hot dishes and food products that require refrigeration at appropriate temperatures.

In the pharmaceutical sector, they serve as portable refrigerators for transporting blood or mobile refrigerators for vaccines.

Cold Cubes are an economical alternative without the need to convert trucks or delivery vehicles into refrigerated ones. They do not require special interior design or construction of special cooling partitions. They are easy to load and unload, which allows you to quickly remove the device from the vehicle. Additionally, we offer convenient front-opening or top-loading models.