Service Olsztyn

Plac przed serwisem Apex Gdańsk - widać główny budynek, oraz bramy wjazdowe do serwisu, na pierwszym planie stoi naczepa z zainstalowanym agregatem chłodniczym Thermo King

10-417 Olsztyn
ul. Towarowa 20A


+48 89 533 01 16
+48 606 630 720

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Mon-Fri 8.00 - 16.00
Saturday 8.00 - 16.00

UWAGA! Nowy adres: ul. Towarowa 20A Olsztyn 10-417

Serwis Olsztyn

Service Olsztyn

We provide services in a facility that meets the requirements of European standards. Workshop hall with an area of 436 m2 plus car parks and maneuvering area together with an area of 1806 m2, fully paved with cubes. The hall has three entrance gates for inspections, repairs and servicing of trucks and delivery vehicles.

Our Service is a modern repair point for refrigeration units and other electronic systems, equipped with the latest diagnostic devices.

Range of services

  • Installation of chillers Thermo King i Frigoblock.
  • Installation and service of power generators Thermo King Genset.
  • Warranty and periodic inspections Thermo King i Frigoblock.
  • Computer diagnostics of refrigeration units.
  • Installation, repair and inspection of parking heaters (Webasto, Eberspraecher, Teplostar).
  • Diagnostics and repair of electrical and electronic systems of refrigeration equipment.
  • Warranty inspections, repairs of semi-trailers and isothermal bodies.
  • Repairs of suspensions and axles of semi-trailers and isothermal bodies
Naczepa z zamontowanym agregatem chłodniczym stojąca na placu serwisowym Apex Thermo King w Gdańsku
Naczepa z zamontowanym agregatem chłodniczym stojąca na placu serwisowym Apex Thermo King w Gdańsku

Mobile Service

The service car that we have allows us to repair and maintain refrigeration units on the move without having to transport them to our workshop. Thanks to this, we can quickly and effectively solve problems with cooling devices at the customer's site.

Our car is equipped with professional tools and equipment that allow us to accurately diagnose and repair various types of refrigeration units. In this way, we provide our clients with professional and comprehensive service.

Contact with our specialists

If you can't call now or prefer written contact - write a message in the form. If you provide your phone number and specify the contact time, we will be happy to call you back.

Service Manager

Mateusz Kubiak
phone: +48 89 533 01 16

Customer service and sale of spare parts

phone: +48 606 630 720

Emergency telephone 24h

for laden vehicles:
phone: +48 660 761 836

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